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Iím so glad that no one
will listen to this sick
Iím so happy that G
leads me through with mu

Itís so quiet Ďround here
thereís no dragon no fear
Itís a miracle

It can be black and easily pink
and here I donít think


Rainy friday-sky today
R pure silver and today mu-sick
Bodypain in action right hang on
Iím on the satisfaction side
Mu-sick mu-sick and today music
Iron I donít need no tool
ícause I can break it with bare hands
Friends it is what it is
thunder and songbird catch a kiss
Rainy friday-sky seems grey
today pure silver


Still in love with you
and all this money now
up in smoke
today itís here with me
and I will die to see

I can handle it now
Iím not afraid anymore
I got nothing to loose
because of losing it all

And still in love with God
and you and everything
And still in love with you
and God in everything

Turn me down
I will show pain inside
Iíll show my pain inside
Walk away out of my sight
beware I throw my
pain inside

And still in love with God
and you and everything
And still in love with you
and God in everything


Let me out tell me
itís a dream
a 30 days expire
trial scream
Let me out a thought
you can easily pick up
drag drop and delete
Let me out let me out

Please let me understand the killing trap
is a friendly hand-out Let me out let me out

Iím thirsty and Iím
standing in the holy
water Iím poisened
by a paradise snake
I feel it but I donít see it
And touch it
but it doesnít react

Whatís the plan
empty my trashcan
erase the one phrase
Now whatís the plan
chill that man
raise the cross


When is it high enough
when will it rise
When will I know
which one is time
Which one is my
level-devil in crime

Why must I cry
this chicken tears
When will he fly
this wingless wurm
When will I stop
this methapor fears
And why is he waiting
for the storm

Step on your confetti-bridge
see if it holds
Fall down in your minefall
see if he will catch you
Reach out and grab one
and step on the winning one


O stairway glimp sign
hill on the fool
O frog carrying
my weddingring
fulfillment in neon
can I add my landscape

Matterladder way down
spurts breaking one by one
by my climbing clown

Cover me up with your
shiny earthly blanket
and let me dwell
in this realm


The way you see me
will change
Starting right now
starting today
The road will be wider
the lane now
will reveal the pain now

Concrete tracks
concrete cracks
by mood-root-text and
dying criple-trees
And butterflies
now killerbees