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Number one
spitting in your face
A lettersword
for slaughtering those days
Iíts about time
to kick this open door
The innerfront
is where Iím heading for
thereís a catwalk
hanging over it
I left behind the kit
Why should you stare
stare in the gutter
You better set sail
for the open water
Why should you




New world entrance
on a sunday afternoon
Donít go there
May results come soon
Itís a matter of acceptation
This vocoalminestones
I feel like a canary
And sad to the bone

Gonna drop this stops
To free my highway grey
White road might appear
No matter what they say
Treshold old Iíll burn
On a sunday afternoon
Stay right here
May device come soon

It may be 2 small
It may pin you down
White road might appear
No matter what they say


Iím underground
wanna be
on the ground
Fixing the way up
On that foothill
to reach the top
On the bottom
Wanna ride
the submarine
The one with wings
So I can walk
the moon

Into the ashes
for firespray
May Phoenix
help a little hand
Iím rebuilding


Like a runaway train
now under control
Old station
in my driving-mirror
I left the wagon
of other-calls

It also might turn into
a pain-crane
or a mothership
or a waterplane
Itís all the same
As long as I can escape


Adaptation is winking
Now sensation is shrinking

Your silvercoin pavement
now covered with dust
When you admit
and stop at the numb-pit
When you walk away
from your Prince of trust


See me pointing out
the one direction
hear me also without you
entering your section
Put a block in front
And I will crash it
Hang a chain beyond
And I will smash it

This animal tree-piece
can take me there
And now Iím riding forceback


Must have been love what I touched
Must have been love what I saw
what I felt
A raindrop burning on my skin
Must have been love within

And now where is it now
Maybe slumbering
Waiting for another day

Where are you I donít wanna know
Cause Iím gonna jump in this flood
I go left on my raft
Must have been love


Somehow he stole my coloured ball
This monster now in control
Fortunately I know in fairytales
someone will go and get it back

Strange singing for strangers
Odd dumping mud
Fine bringing sunshine

Tonight this prisondoor is wide open
Will it still be tomorrow
Tonight itís right here
Will it still be there tomorrow

Gotta find my coloured ball
Gotta find this coloured ball


This move
made of bitterproof
now melting in my sun

When you reach too high
sky will bring dark clouds
and hide your star

Then you try to ride the moonlight
while you know that itís too far
And trying ends in crying
and tears tell you to stop
Sheís not the one sheís gone
so now itís better that you drop
This sack of gold
was filled with sand


wanna waterfalls
Confirming different doors
For sure other shores
Dont pay attention
I know you dislike it
doesnt matter 2 me anymore
Searching different corners
Trying all directions
I think I know my highway
but Im captured in temptationlight
Must find out whoís in the train
Now I better stay on the one way


Will Christmas be blissmas
when this cross is lost
Will Easter be freerun
When u-turn is crossed
May today be coloured way
Not only alley grey
Oh melt down chain
Make a train
When your slave is bossed


I will use my slingshot
Otherwise I cannot
Without it I am lost
Incomplete in rust

This gold can only shine
When I take it from the mine

I really must use it
Shoot my ego-stones
Move away the big one
To see the morning sun


Canyon must I decent
Read the writings on your walls
Taste your water running through
And use the skeletons as a ladder
Check the caves and take what matters
Or can I rent a one-way glider
And join the lapwings heading south


When I zen and think now not then
probably a little wonder occurs
Still welding this iron castle of steel
Where no one can go and everyone is there
Come along within the song
Some words you might find
Come on in have a swim the water is fine
But youíll never find
The cornerfish

Everyone look around
Examine the drawings on the floor
Down the stairs escape-machines
behind that door
Do a little stealing
From the ceiling
But what about this curtain
this black curtain

itís hanging there
Thereís something behind it
Iím not sure what it is

In my towers private privat
looking for
Admired pirates holding them
from washing my brain ashore


Itís over little by little
it slowly dies
In all wonder-mirrors
looks from vanity-spies
releasing inner-cries

Iíll step down
the romance-wall
Ďcause everytime I fall