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I was careful I hold back
I did watch did not attack
You switched on to overdrive
You were deaf I was alive
You are so sober was your conclusion
But I didnít sniff your illusion
You won your race and I saw the flag
No harmony only black
this is my attack

Welcome to the race a game between white lines
Girl I saw your face you didnít see the signs


When will the torture stop
Let the torture stop

Why donít you stop this war
what are you fighting for

Why donít you stop this war!


I wanna know if thereís a plane inside
I wanna try taking it in the sky

there must be a way to get it done
heading for the sun
there must be someone at groundcontrol
counting till one


Its 4 oíclock in the morning
Living in reverse
Still working with a warning
Ďcause I might get hurt
Few more days then weíre leaving
Leave it all behind
Ď95 and itís Christmas time
and you are on my mind

So weíre heading for a warzone
what can we expect..


I watch the sunday morning rain
Still building castles in the sand
Everyone is telling me
Ďcause I doubt and let it be

You told me stop creating doom
But still Iím trapped inside this room
And also monster is inside
And heís awake so hold on tight

This feeling again!

Is this really what I deserve
This shrinking makes me insecure
I feel Iím wasting precious time
This feeling again




Black angel in my room
Do you know your enemy
People nice and faithful
Use you for their remedy
They chase you with their paper
Kill you in the end
Laugh and satisfaction
The power strikes again
So small and beautiful
Donít worries about shit
Men in concrete jungle
Thinks he owns it

Black angel
A funeral in the carbage can

So when you kill this angel
Which bothers you a bit
Then maybe a small piece
Of happiness you hit
You broke his wings and body
He will not fly again
A messenger of heaven
Will have itís funeral
in the garbage can


What is he doing here
He used to be one of them
Where is he now


So close and the sheís gone
Itís better to get out of this place
Ďcause my energyís gone I lost my strenght
my power has flown
Fresh visitors are doing well
Like I did in this paradise hell
Burned out and crashed down
only acting like princess Nikki

I can see her invisible crown
Spreading sadness and sickness
all around

Words of wisdom drops from my fingers
while you charm them with your eyes
Lets take the stage and do our play
and Iíll take the truth out of your lies
Feeling better now golden dragon in front of me
Feeling better now darling Nikki as the fee

Holy light beams from your spot
Good to know that you are in me
My spirit grows my starship flies


Slowly entering another world
Filled with stones of magic
Lonesome seeker of happines
Alien wrong side in traffic

Driving in his iron horse
A knight of modern times
A lonely rebel with a cause

Slowly entering this well known land
Quest for peace is done
Farewell ladies and gentleman
Goodbye to Avalon