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I   didn't see   wood for the trees
on   this forest road  crawling on
my knees suddenly this suspens
ion bridge and the fingerpost said

and just before I crossed the crack
towards a new review she said lea
ve this heavy load behind and the b
ridge will carry you


In the center of the earth  and standing on the moon
angels dragons Kings a little man in his cocoon year
s and years to drop this fears to stop with a part of hi
s life and now he's running but not away he's runnin
g before he dives

bird of prayer guide me to this place and let me know
the golden wings I'm searching for inside but can't you
show a map because this web I'm in the spidering com
es near and still not clear what I'm doin' here

complaining words instead of fairytale I'm longing for a
different shore here inside this whale and I'm running
but not away I'm running before I die yes I'm running
before I dive




See me wandering
in wonderland
Miracles and magic
See me gathering
the wondersand
war so tragic
seems the way

The boy stumbles
He cannot
make up his mind
And he stands still
In front of 31

Call from the first floor
'come on in'
and see the writings
and questions within
No don't do it
you are not ready
Don't play the song
You are not ready

Music for them
or just for good friends
When will I fly
Like a bird in the sky
Above this heads
with different hair

Black is the night
and full of stars


day after day
I try to find the words
to express myself
to you I guess
Words from a diary
Words for a song
I wonder what is right
I write what is wrong
future so bright
no more career
cause the jester beside me
is whispering in my ear
No donít you walk away
dont be afraid
Well come outside
and create

Tonight so lonely
I was in your town
The place we met
six years ago
it seems like a thousand
And now Iím the sentimental fool
But it doesnít matter today
I gotta sing what I have to sing


When I see my own reflections
When I see the marks of life
I see a warrior missing in action
Just another day I will survive
But I dont worry anymore
I chose for peace and not for war

And I dont know how longs its gonna take
And for now I like this break
A song for those I cannot see
A song for fools friends and enemyís
And right now in this paradise hell
I throw my dimes in this wishing well
A woman screams when the bombs fall down
A man is yelling on the dancefloor downtown
One small sea between this different shores
And right in the middle its me on a surfingboard
on dirty water

And when I watch the tv-news
And see the deeds of killing fools
I dont worry anymore
Cause Im gonna accept this bloody wars
And I dont know how long its gonna take
And for now I stop the break
One small sea between this different shores
And Im waiting for the wind to use its force
One small sea between this different shores
And Im waiting for the wind to decide my course
Im waiting for the wind


I cried for you
Thats what we do
We could not stay together
But now its done
and Im on the run
in this stormy weather

And in the distance
blue sky appears
and brightness returns
And now in search
for you my love
My heart still burns

The answer of love
Still down into oceans
Floating in seas
Waiting for tomorrow

I cannot complain
cause I feel much better
Doin it all alone
with some help of friends
But I cannot write this promised letter
cause our loveroad came to an end
Now its done
Im on the run
In this stormy weather




Its pushing me constantly
Its already here
Water water all around
Water water everywhere
Water water all around

Pieces everywhere
Shifting until
Its you in your jigsawmirror