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I didn't see
wood for the trees
On this forest road
crawling on my knees
this suspension bridge
and the fingerpost

And just before
I crossed the crack
towards a new review
she said
Leave this heavy
load behind
and the bridge
will carry you


In the center
of the earth
and standing
on the moon
Angels dragons Kings
A little man
in his cocoon
Years and years
to drop this fears
to stop with
a part of his life
And now he's running
but not away
He's running
before he dives

Bird of prayer
guide me to this place
and let me know
The golden wings
I'm searching for
but can't you show
a map
because this web I'm in
the spidering comes near
and still not clear
what I'm doin' here

Complaining words
instead of fairytale
I'm longing for
a different shore
here inside this whale
and I'm running
but not away
I'm running before I die
Yes I'm running
before I dive




See me wandering
in wonderland
Miracles and magic
See me gathering
the wondersand
war so tragic
seems the way

The boy stumbles
He cannot
make up his mind
And he stands still
In front of 31

Call from the first floor
'come on in'
and see the writings
and questions within
No don't do it
you are not ready
Don't play the song
You are not ready

Music for them
or just for good friends
When will I fly
Like a bird in the sky
Above this heads
with different hair

Black is the night
and full of stars


I find myself
in a desert storm
satellite spies
sand in my eyes
Bird will eat the wurm

The road I'm on
is full of blocks
A bird of oil
dies on soil
I see
snakes under rocks

Take a shuttle
Look outside
One small planet
One big light
Melt your weapons
into altars
Sore your wine
in the shelters
Praise your God
sing the mystery
Love your neighbour
Set yourself free
But I'm warned
and prepared
Evil monster
chop his head
Skin is armour
Voice is sword
As we dance
As we fought

Let's try
the peace millennium
Ban your wars
for a thousand years
Looking back