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only stars above
only mountains
over yonder

so Lord
Throw me
in your well
of misery
pull me out
and kick me in again


So do you feel alright
The forest dies
and the sun's too bright
Hee do you think you'll stay
judging strangers
for another day
If there's no place to hide
shall I take a gun
and feed the fight
Hee do you know the way
Are you ready to walk
or do you you think you'll stay

So if you don't mind
I think I will go
Gonna find a way
and leave the show
So if you don't mind
and even if you did
I'm on my way
right through the shit

So here I am
like in a fairytale
searching the cross
and the holy grail
can somebody tell me
the way I must go
thank you I don't wanna be late
for the Kingdom show

Tell me
do you feel alright
The forest dies
and the sun's too bright
Hee do you think
and judging strangers
for another day


Final call explains it all
Take off the lovechain
Take the morning train
No more recalls in the end
And no more time to spend

No more hope
No more sparks
No more love

No more



on the bottom
of the ocean

Captain Nemo
takes me
in his submarine
Here we come

Take me home again
my friend

His conscience told him leave
He would try another way
And then he reached the ocean
He could stay or jump and pray

He tried to find Atlantis
He only found a wall
Somewhere in the distance
He heard the captain's call

And now he's on dry land
Still wet and hunting snakes
One day he will reach the place
no matter how long it takes

He tried to find Atlantis
He had to fight the sharks
Burning ships were sinking
While he searched for the arc


I see a little blackbox
falling from the sky
So small so cold
on top is written
Why afraid
Why must I
the masquerade
Now it's time
Here and now
Come on
mister hesitate

Here I go
Here and there
Here and now

It's all I want
All I need
All I seek

Falling from the sky


Like stars so far away
You listened no command
And I felt the pain

So start your storytelling
And don't play complaining

Panic what's happening
What went wrong
where is she

Hello blackbird
sing me some safety
cut the crap grab the core
mind the trap open the door

And every time I wonder why
Why do I disagree
What makes me numb
What is this song
What makes it hard to see
And every time
they come to me and say
what is on your mind
The way you look
the way you speak
It's just a piece
that I can't find
It's a peace of mind

Coming home put the TV on
the music I wanna hear
Coming home leaving all behind
the struggle for cash and career
Coming home
place where I can be
Black cloud will disappear




He loves it he hates it
He can't stop making it
And always on the run

He wants it he breaks it
and sometimes he's faking
And it's not just for fun

See the world it's up to you
Be alive it's up to you
Tear it down it's up to you

He left his castle
in the air
to vanish or remain
walking down
his selfmade
stairs of stars
able without his cain

only stars above
one mountaintop
in sight